Product Description Draft (1)

Fleet One automobile Tracking system is developed by WEX Fleet One which provides a range of GPS tracking solutions to both the private and government sectors. According to Goetz (2011), Fleet One’s digital platform consists of a two-way touch screen interface for better fleet information management. Furthermore, value-added features such as online account and fuel purchasing management reduces fraud at fuel pumps, making the system value for money. In addition, trainings are provided by the GPS salesperson to new users through both online and offline platforms.

In my opinion, I feel that its invention is beneficial in terms of efficiency to the end-users in Telematics industry.

Sources: Fleet One Helps Narrow Down Important Data. (2011, February). Lauren Fletcher and Grace Suizo. Retrieved from -evolution-of-telematics.aspx

2 thoughts on “Product Description Draft (1)

  1. Jamie says:

    Dear Sheryl,

    We enjoyed reading your product description as your ideas and main points are clearly presented. However, it would be better if your in text citation is in the first sentence instead of the second. We look forward to learning and reading from you.


    By Jie Lin and Jamie


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