Product Analysis Draft (3)

The section “Fleet One Helps Narrow down Important Data” of the article “The Evolution of Telematics “(Fletcher & Suizo, 2011), introduces the key software functionalities of the Fleet One Vehicle Tracking system, developed by WEX Fleet One. Fleet One Vehicle Tracking system offers a wide range of secured and enhanced GPS fleet tracking solutions to both the private and government sectors, catering to vehicle fleets of varying sizes. This system consists of a GPS tracking unit installed in each vehicle, a “two-way touch screen interface” and a desktop and mobile application. Fleet companies are able to extract important fleet information through this highly efficient system. According to Goetz, a product specialist for Fleet One, this tracking System features value-added functions such as “integrated fuel transaction reporting”, “automated reporting” and “integration with Google Maps”. With these features, transmission of vital fleet information such as current traffic situations are enhanced. The “automated reporting” function eliminates the hassle of constant monitoring of fleet’s status as it notify fleet managers vital fleet data. In conjunction with this system, Fleet One introduced two distance-based fuel integration card, “Over the Road” fuel card and the “All Roads” fuel card (Fleet One, n.d.), for vehicles travelling on short and long haul distances respectively.


The Fleet One Vehicle Tracking system is an advanced technology product that is competent in the market in terms of its functionalities and fleet efficiency. One similar product would be GPS Insight.


Similar to Fleet One, GPS Insight also has a fleet monitoring system with additional fuel integration card. Fleet One’s distance-based integrated fuel card allows the company to choose a more compatible card depending on its fleet vehicle travelling distance. This allows better management of fuel transactions and clearer overview of fuel management. In contrast to GPS Insight (GPS Insight, n.d.) that only employs a single fuel card regardless of its distance, reflects that its system is less comprehensive as compared to Fleet One.


Additionally, mobile application used by Fleet One drivers as part of its tracking system prompts user the shortest route to the nearest and cheapest fuel station (Fleet One, 2014). This allows drivers to plan their fleet routes, maximizing fuel efficiency. In contrast, GPS Insight’s mobile application only prompts user of the nearest fuel pump, lacking in the price comparison feature (Rob, n.d.). Hence, Fleet One stood out as a more cost-effective product.


All in all, its unique functionalities and wide variety of customizations made me feel that Fleet One Vehicle Tracking system is a more holistic, fleet efficient and value for money product.



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