Module Reflection

Technical Communications I (TLM1010) is one module that I enjoyed in my first trimester in SIT. Being unique from all the other engineering modules that I took, this module has taught me many useful skills in writing and oral communication. The skills that I have picked up in writing include, formal and transmittal letter writing, product description summary, referencing and citation of sources (APA Style), developing problem and writing a design proposal report, just to name a few. The opportunity to present our idea via presentation has allowed me to learn effective and efficient delivery of ideas to audiences, importance of body language and confidence.

Group assignments and interactive activities in class provided me opportunities to know more about my fellow course mates as we learn and grow together as an individual and as a group. More than just technical skills that we have picked up, we also forged strong friendships and teamwork as we work as one. Of all activities that we have had, I enjoyed the first lesson most. I could still vividly remember how awkward I felt as I came from a different educational background, without any friends. It was the ice-breaker game where we had to pair up with the allocated individual to go about interviewing others and getting signatures, which helped me open up and eventually made more friends. I really enjoyed that session most.

Also, I like how interactive this module is, peer feedback are valued and exchanged to helped each other improve on our drafts by pointing out the specific areas of which could be further improved and also giving credits to the parts which were well-done. Through this activity, we are also able to learn from the mistakes that our peers had made.
All in all, I have enjoyed this 20 hours course with my peers and Brad. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn from Brad and also to forge many friendship with my course mates. I am confident that the effective communication skills I have learned would be of great help to me in both my educational journey and working life in the near future. I look forward to more learning opportunities from you, Brad. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Module Reflection

  1. Brad Franklin Blackstone says:

    Thanks very much, Sheryl, for this heart-felt and detailed reflection. I’m glad you could go find so many positives in our short module. It’s also interesting that you point out the first lesson as being especially memorable. I’m glad that you could get socially acclimated by that ice breaker. It’s also heartening for me to know that you have appreciated the interactive nature of the module. That’s the essence of authentic communication, after all.

    I really appreciate all your fine effort this term, Sheryl. Best of luck in your future endeavors!


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